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How Reinforced Barbed Tape Can Be Used For Fencing
The ideal arrangement is to have the Angel Iron or cement pillar posts approximately 4 meters, apart and fix Reinforced Barbed tape in seven lines, the top three at eight inches interval and the lower four at six inches interval, giving an effective height of four feet from the base. Between every two posts, two vertical lines of Reinforced Barbed tape, at approx one meter interval should be fixed. Each vertical line will require approx. 1.25 meters of Reinforced Barbed Tape.

To cover one KM periphery the total length of Reinforced Barbed Tape required will be 7000 meters plus 835 meters (vertical lines) in gross 7835 meters say approx 8000 meters.
One kilogram of Reinforced Barbed Tape (0.52 mm thickness) will measure approx 12 meters. Hence in terms of weight 656 kgs of Reinforced Barbed Tape is sufficient to cover one kilometer fencing of 4 feet height.
Apart from having sharp barbs practically at every half inch and being far less prone to sagging, the additional advantage of this type of fencing is that it has a flat surface on both sides. Keeping in mind the adverse climatic conditions, one could paint both sides with anti corrosive red oxide or bituminized black paint in addition to zinc coating already provided.
This would double the life of Reinforced Barbed Tape and save reparative cost.
This is the most recent concept in fencing and barricading. It is the ultimate replacement of conventional barbed wire.

Installation of RBT & PTCC
The best way to erect security fence Reinforced Barbed Type (RBT) is to lay it on angle iron or cement pillar post approximately 3 – 4m apart with horizontal clearance between each RBT stand 250mm RBT can be fixed on angel iron or cement pillar post using rivets, J clips, split pins etc.
Security fence with Punched Tape Concertina Coil could be erected in many ways.
It could be laid directly on the ground by grouting spikes provided at each in a single or multiple rows depending upon level of security desired. It could be laid on the existing boundary walls using V shaped angle
Punched Tape Concertina Coil (PTTC) are tailored made to suit individual requirements.

These are available in following sizes:
  Diameter                 Turns                    Weight *                  Coverage
  1050mm                     51 turns                 15.0 kg                      10-15 meter
  900mm                       51 turns                 12.0 kg                      08-10 meter
  750mm                       51 turns                 10.75 kg                    08-10 meter
  610mm                       51 turns                 08.75 kg                    05-07 meter
  610mm                       72 turns                 12.50 kg                   10-12 meter
  450mm                       45 turns                 05.70 kg                   04-05 meter
  * +/- 5%

Punched Tape Concertina Coil Feature
  • Reinforced barbed tape once given coil shape it becomes Punched Tape Concertina Coil Feature.
  • Each coil is provided with a pair of handles and spikes on each side for easy handling and laying.
  • Coils are being supplied with special anti rust bituminized spray which increase the life of the coil and does not require any maintenance for years together in even adverse climatic conditions.
  • The coil which can also be Tailored made for specific purpose in 750mm or 600mm diameter, is best suited for mounting on boundary wall or even on top of verticals.
  • Timings: time taken for 100 meters of fencing is just 40 minutes by Punched tape Concertina Coil.
  • There are 550 barbs on each turn of Concertina Coil as compared to 200 barbs for barbed wire of 3.32 meters in length
  • Users are Border areas, High Security Nuclear installation, Thermal Plants, Scientific Organizations, Airports, Embassies, Schools, Industries, Farms, Mines, Mansions etc. and any other entity requiring fool proof security.
  • Uses: The same coil which is used at the time of acquiring of land can be used when building construction is over for fencing the boundary.
  • Total running length of wire in coil is approx. 167 meters. After laying the effective coil length is approx. 15 meters. With height and width of approx 915mm each
  • The coil can be retrieved in similar fashion to make a closed coil of 100mm thickness which can be easily handled and transported, thus save transportation cost.
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